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Swanbourne Dashboard Spring 2021

At the risk of repeating myself Covid has swept to the forefront yet again with Melbourne and Sydney under lockdown and seemingly racing to the tape with the goal of at least 80% vaccination before they start to lift the restrictions. Meanwhile WA vaccinations are still lagging and the thought of continued closed borders for […]
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Dog Training: What You Need To Know

The Good Citizen Program Our good citizen program consists of 3 courses that aim to turn your best friend into an upstanding member of society. Dog training and communication helps build your bond with your dog and improve their behaviour. Our classes are run by Neri and Lisa from Dog Whispering and are unique to […]
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Spring Dilemmas 2021

SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED Finally Spring has arrived to brighten us up in all this Covid despair. A year like no other again after we thought nothing could top 2020! Winter is always a dreary time for pets and owners alike but this year made worse by the shadow of Covid albeit we have got […]
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Winter Ailments 2021

All the normal preventatives such as heartworm protection, vaccinations, deworming and regular bathing should be continued during the Winter months as Perth’s temperate climate means there is no respite as there may be in colder climates but never the less we need to consider some extra issues to make our pets happy and safe in […]
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Swanbourne Dashboard Winter 2021

Just when we thought it was safe to come out and say things are trending back to normal, Victoria (Melbourne) is experiencing lockdown again. At least it had the effect of stimulating vaccinations in that state and I hope WA follows suit as we are lagging a bit here. I reiterate we have been very […]
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SVC COVID-19 Update 26/4/21

As per the WA State Government’s announcement this afternoon of 26th April 2021, regarding COVID-19 restrictions for the rest of this week, we’d like to keep you updated on the measures we will have in place at the clinic to ensure we can maintain a safe working environment for our team, customers and their wonderful […]
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Swanbourne Dashboard Autumn 2021

As the Covid vaccination is rolled out we can start to see what 2021 will look like after we achieve full vaccination by October. Already borders are currently relaxed and the daily count of new Covid cases dwindles to a trickle, primarily from overseas arrivals. After a false start in early February when no further […]
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Autumn Tips 2021

This year has been quite wet after a very dry December and January. Then we had good rains in February and the start to March putting us well ahead of the yearly average. Climate Change does seem to be a reality and the bushfires Western Australia endured are proof of that with thankfully nothing on […]
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Spring Tips 2019

Round and round the mulberry bush the pets have come to play, but beware the dangers of Spring on such a beautiful day!! Winter is always a dreary time for pets and owners alike but this year at least we had a warm and dry site for our ever popular Dog Obedience classes at the […]