Swanbourne Dashboard Autumn 2021

As the Covid vaccination is rolled out we can start to see what 2021 will look like after we achieve full vaccination by October.

Already borders are currently relaxed and the daily count of new Covid cases dwindles to a trickle, primarily from overseas arrivals.

After a false start in early February when no further cases resulted from a positive in a hotel security guard, things have gradually been trending back to normal.

Further into this newsletter in the Staff Profiles you will meet Dr Beth Thompson who joined the Veterinary Team in January and then Kiah Van Vlijmen who joined the staff as a Student nurse (Cert 4 at TAFE).

Congratulations to both of them and we look forward to a long and fruitful association with Swanbourne Veterinary Centre.

After a dry couple of months in December and January we well and truly caught up with our yearly rainfall in February and into March as I write this, but sadly bushfires ravaged the areas north of Perth with severe losses to property and stock.

On the veterinary scene though the arrival of a new tick born disease into Northern Australia is an unwelcome visitor and unfortunately will be an endemic disease now as it becomes entrenched in the native tick population.

Working dogs in the Northern Territory and the North of Western Australia should be on the high alert for signs of a deadly canine disease new to Australia.

The bacterium Ehrlichia canis is carried by the brown dog tick and causes a disease called Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis. It is only a matter of time before infections will be seen in other location across Australia, mainly in warmer, wetter tropical and subtropical regions, but also in some temperate areas.

Effective, long and fast acting tick prevention is the best way to prevent the disease in dogs once it arrives in your local area. Rest assured we will keep you informed as more information comes to hand.

The bacteria affect blood cells, and often progress to be fatal. Signs of the infection are non specific to this disease and are quite variable but are worth investigating early to increase the chance of successful treatment. While some dogs will live with the disease, they will not do well, which is not ideal in working dogs.

Diagnosis is made by testing to identify changes in the blood and to find evidence of the bacteria.

This is a notifiable disease in Australia and there is no vaccine so the onus is on dog owners to prevent brown dog ticks from attaching to their dogs, even for a few hours.

The Seresto collar and Advantix spot-on are the only currently available products that are effective in the control of Ehrlichia canis but these should never be used in cats though there is no evidence to point to cats being affected by this disease.

Dog Obedience Classes continue to be popular with the next classes being held on April 24th at the David Cruickshank oval at 7pm (Wednesdays) and April 28th(Saturday mornings) at the Claremont Dog Reserve off Lakeway in Claremont at 9.30am

Both of these are already half full with some 6 places still available in both classes but these will quickly fill up. Neri may well start a staggered class at 10.30am at Claremont on May 15th so watch this space (on line and by ringing the practice) with further classes in June.

Our Puppy Preschool and Management classes are run as an 8 week course (2 part combined course) here at the practice on Sunday mornings. A new class commences every 2 weeks and can be booked on line at www.swanbournevet.com/puppypreschool

Just an update on Laura and her baby which was born late January, a beautiful little girl (Elizabeth Grace…Billie for short) with mum and the babe thriving. Laura who is currently on maternity leave visited the practice this week with father Ian to show her off….well done Laura!

As the restrictions continue to be rolled back and we hold our breath for the onset of the AFL season be sure to join our practice tipping competition soon to be launched. All details available on the web site

Lets hope it is not curtailed or restricted too much.

In the meantime we remain cautious and still practice distancing at the practice and have installed a Safe WA app for your safety although your presence at the practice is recorded and saved via our daily schedule.

Tony Vigano