Swanbourne Dashboard Winter 2021

Just when we thought it was safe to come out and say things are trending back to normal, Victoria (Melbourne) is experiencing lockdown again.

At least it had the effect of stimulating vaccinations in that state and I hope WA follows suit as we are lagging a bit here.

I reiterate we have been very lucky in WA and I think primarily due to our isolation and maybe that fact alone has been delaying some people to decide regarding vaccinations.

One spin off for WA has been the holding of iconic AFL games moved from Melbourne as they struggle with Covid, and the first was the Dream Time game recognizing the contributions made by indigenous players. Should we dare to hope that the Grand Final will follow suit? I doubt it but we can hope….

In the meantime we remain cautious and still practise distancing at the practice and have installed a Safe WA QR code for your safety although your presence is recorded and saved via our daily schedule.

Further into the newsletter you will meet Samantha Mundt our most recent new staff member, as we say farewell to Naomi Davis after 10 years.

Naomi has joined the Cat practice in Leederville so that will be a change in scene for her and she leaves with our best wishes.

In the last Dashboard (Autumn) I mentioned the new tick borne disease that has entered the North West and am pleased to say we have not seen cases in Perth as yet. Suffice it to say that the Seresto collar and Advantix spot-on are the only currently available products that are effective in the control of Ehrlichia canis (but please don’t use these products on your cat).

If you are travelling to the North West for holidays and the family dog is included please don’t forget to ring the practice for advice as you should implement cover for your best friend.

I also take this opportunity of alerting all pet parents to be extra vigilant in keeping rat or mouse poison away from pets currently as there is a Nation wide shortage of Vitamin K. This has arisen due to the mouse plague in the Eastern States. Without Vitamin K we will be hard pressed to treat these toxities in our WA pets! So be warned!

Dog Obedience Classes and the Puppy School attendance have skyrocketed this year which was the predicted result of so many new puppies being purchased during Covid. It is good to see that it has followed through and not the prediction that many of these new puppies would be re homed after people returned to work. I have more faith in human nature than to have predicted that!

Just to reiterate our parking in the driveway to pick up dog or cat food and for drops offs.

Parking is a problem everywhere now and we are happy that for quick visits these two 10 minute bays (end to end) are available rather than illegally parking on the other side of Devon Rd as the rangers are active in the street.

Finally as we reach the half way mark of 2021 we look forward to 2022 and our 83rd year serving the pets of Perth!