Why is the online product price different to your in-clinic price?

The greatest benefit to you when purchasing products at our clinic is the expert guidance you will receive from one of our team members.  You will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of the products you are purchasing, in order to improve your pet’s health and prevent zoonoses.  You will ensure that you are buying the most suitable product for the problem you are trying to address or prevent, that you are using the product correctly, and that you get optimal effect and value from your purchase.  The added benefit is that you will receive your products almost immediately (provided the product is not on back-order) without the need to wait for them to be shipped.

However, these days many people find that online purchasing is a convenient and attractive way to buy products.  For this reason, we are offering this option of product purchases through our online store, thereby reducing our staff costs to ensure that our prices are competitive throughout the market.