The Health Check

At Swanbourne Vet Centre, we believe the most important component of the annual health check is the thorough examination your best friend receives.

untitled-47When we send out our annual health reminders, they include a checklist on the back.   When you come in for your appointment, we would hope that you have taken note of the questions asked in the checklist as to the behaviour and general demeanour of your important family member, such that we can discuss your observations in the light of the examination. In other words we place more importance on the checkup than we do on the booster vaccination.

Many a time a simple observation by an owner that an animal is drinking more, losing weight or other simple seemingly innocuous thing may lead to the early discovery of a potentially life threatening condition which can then be caught and treated.

It may well be that one day scientists prove that annual vaccination boosters are not strictly necessary.  However, we will never downplay the good sense in having an annual checkup and a 6 monthly review for everyone, including our beloved pets.

6-monthly Wellness Check

As part of the annual health check and vaccination booster that your pet receives each year at the Swanbourne Veterinary Centre, we now include a complimentary health check, nail clip and hydrobath carried out by one of our qualified veterinary nurses, 6 months later.

You will be notified by mail when this is due and the primary emphasis will be on checking teeth, skin, weight, signs of new “lumps and bumps” and any other issues that you may have noticed about your furry friend.  But please remember that diagnosing conditions in our pets is something only qualified vets can carry out and so if one of our nurses indicates that something may be amiss then you will be given the option of a consultation with the vet on the spot.

The wellness check is an attempt to capture anything unforeseen that may have arisen since the annual health check 6 months before… prevention is always better than cure! However the wellness check is also a great opportunity to catch up on deworming, heartworm repeats and flea control, not to mention a growing waist line!

So… bring your best friend along for a free nail clip and hydrobath and in the unlikely event that something of consequence has arisen since the annual check, this can be checked out by the vet as well at your discretion.

Just another aspect of out total commitment to preventive medicine and your peace of mind (not to mention your best friends’ health).