Just about everyone has seen a film xray showing a patient's bone.  But did you know that xrays can be used to diagnose so much more than skeletal issues?

Taking xrays is a common procedure in the Veterinary profession today, and in some cases, it can be life-saving!!  Here at SVC, we have a brand new, state of the art xray machine, and a digital processor.  We are able to take quality xrays, which we then give to you to take home on a CD. IMG_1278*

An x-ray is a bit like a photograph of the inside of your pet, and can certainly provide us with lots of information about your pet's health, and clues about what why your furry friend might be unwell.  We use them to assess many of the different body organs - for example the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, gastrointestinal system, as well as bones and teeth.

For x-ray examinations it is important that your pet lies still as the exposure is made.  Our vets take many x-rays every day and so they cannot hold all the patients or they would also be exposed to the x-rays, which can be dangerous over a long period of time.  We often need to provide a level of sedation or anaesthesia for your pet, simply because they refuse to keep still at the crucial moment!!

If required, we will also utilise the expertise of a specialist radiologist, in helping us to interpret the subtle changes we are looking for, in arriving at a critical diagnosis for your beloved friend.

And the next time one of our vets suggests an xray of your pet is best, please don't hesitate to speak to them about any questions or concerns you may have!