Preventative Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care For Cats

Dental care is as important for your feline companion as it is for you. The following are recommendations to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. swanbourne Vet

Dry food, raw meaty pieces, raw chicken wing tips.

Teeth Diets
This is a completely balanced dry food that provides a gentle cleaning action on the teeth.

CET Chews
These are special fishy flavoured treats which have an abrasive and antibacterial action.

Specially designed toothbrushes for cats with seafood flavoured toothpaste.

Chlorhexidine Gel
An antibacterial agent in a long acting gel which adheres to the gums inhibiting bacterial growth.

Regular dental checks are recommended. This is included in the yearly check-up with their vaccination.

Descaling under a short general anaesthetic may be required if there is plaque accumulation or gingivitis present.

If you would like to discuss your cat's dental health with one of our veterinarians, please make an appointment for a full check- up.