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Swanbourne Snippets

The following items of interest are things happening at the practice or in our industry, currently, or are envisaged in the next few months.

1.  The New Cat Act:

The Cat Act received Parliamentary assent on 9/11/2011. This Act will be implemented through a two phase approach. One by 1/11/2012 and the second by 1/11/2013. The two year lead-in period will provide the community, industry and local government the opportunity to make plans to comply with the requirements. The three key elements are:

  • Compulsory identification through microchipping.
  • Compulsory registration.
  • Compulsory sterilisation.

Further details can be obtained from the Department of Local Government website.

2.  A doggie creche to be offered as a day to day service for owners who would like their best friends to be housed in friendly surrounding whilst they are at work.

3.  Yellow Pages online to learn all about the Swanbourne Veterinary Centre, services offered, opening hours etc. This will be linked to our website at

4.  Grooming at Swanbourne. A service we have offered to all corners for 22 years, and with regular groomers on board, we can now offer this service each weekday.  Please contact the clinic to book your pooch in for some pampering!


5.  Finally, some veterinary tips:

How to recognize anxiety in our pets:

Lack of early socialization in dogs can have a huge impact on their ability to fit in with the family and be comfortable around other people and animals. Hence our Good Citizen Program which has been running at Swanbourne for 23 years. Early experiences in a dog's life can have profound influences in later behaviours.

The anxious dog will tend to pace, hide, avoid people or places, pant, and bark excessively. They may also drool, vomit and have diarrhoea, as well as shake, and to seek the continued attention of their loved ones.

Our puppy preschool, puppy management courses and obedience classes help to round out your new best friends as they grow through the formative ages of 6-16 weeks and beyond. An anxious dog is a distressed dog and needs special attention just as with any organic disease.

You will find more about our classes on our website.

If you do have an anxious dog and one that freaks out during thunder storms, ask us about the new thunder shirts. Tight fitting coats have long been recommended for anxious dogs and I can give a personal endorsement having seen the effects with a nervous staffie in our family.


The new product Plaqueoff which comes in a formulation for dogs and one for cats has so far shown promising results in keeping teeth clean. A very small amount added to the food on a daily basis appears to soften the plaque making it easy to rub off on a weekly basis. Once the hard deposit known as tartar has formed, this needs to be mechanically scaled off under an anaesthetic. Ask us about Plaqueoff when next you come in.


Do you have an obese dog in the house? The older they get the harder it becomes to control weight and this condition exacerbates things like arthritis and heart disease. We have been obtaining excellent results with the Royal Canine weight loss diet and it comes with a computer based program that determines the exact quantity of food to feed to achieve that sexy figure. As us about this when next you come into the practice.


The Vetalogica brand of multivitamins recently introduced and developed by a pharmacist and a veterinarian has some interesting lines including a tranquil formula, oral defence and an immune support. Worth trying in thos specific animals with special requirements.


A DNA test has recently become available to determine the heritage of your best friend going back 4 generations. Not just a gimmick, this can be used to predict possible future requirements such as feeding and in some cases pre-emptive health measures may be possible.