Microchipping your pet means that it can quickly and easily be identified in case it is impounded or injured in an accident. This enables the pet to be traced back to you so you can be notified.

This has to be the future of permanent and whole-of-life identification of companion animals in Australia.  Already all animals (dogs and cats) entering and leaving Australia must be microchipped, and it is compulsory in NSW.  It's a tragedy that so many loved pets are lost each year in Council Pounds throughout Australia as 3 days (the normal holding period) is just too short a time for busy people to exhaust all avenues of collection.

The procedure of chipping is very simple.  Using a wide bore hypodermic needle, the chip, which is the size of a grain of rice, is introduced - preferably at the back of the neck so scanning can be done more easily. There is no discomfort for the animal, and in almost every case can be done in the consulting room without a local anaesthetic. With kittens and puppies, however, the logical time is at desexing.

The small chip, when implanted scans as a coded number which is held at a central register serviced 24 hours a day. This has an 1800 phone number so once scanned the information can be accessed by the operator immediately.

With any luck your best friend can be back home within the hour, and in any case would not suffer the present consequences if you were away for the weekend or whatever.

The cost is inclusive of the implant, implantation, and whole-of-life registration.  So please ask about microchipping!