First Aid Tips


Emergency treatment and first aid for pets should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care. But it may save your pet's life before you can get your pet to a veterinarian.  Knowledge and preparedness can make a significant difference when an emergency strikes.

A few first aid tips at home

  • Make sure everyone is safe and out of harm’s way – you as well as your pet.  Even the sweetest pet may bite when it is in pain, so take precautions if you have to move them.  You can fashion a ‘muzzle’ out of a belt or strip of cloth.
  • Assess the situation and quickly decide if you need help.  Make sure you always have your vet’s phone number handy, to call them immediately if you need to.
  • Assess your pets vital signs – heart rate, breathing rate, and temperature. However don’t let this delay you getting to the vet if you feel that it is necessary.
  • If your pet is bleeding, make an attempt to stop the bleeding by applying pressure or a tourniquet if needed… and then get to the vet.
  • If your pet has a fracture, gently lay them on a flat surface for support and wrap them in a towel or blanket to keep them warm and calm.  But it’s always best to leave any bandaging/splinting for the vet.
  • Don’t be tempted to medicate your pet at home – some human medications are toxic to pets, and others can interfere with what the vet may need to give.

First Aid Kit at home

Keeping a stocked first aid kit at home can be a wise choice.  Things to include are:

Your Veterinarian's phone number (9384 2644) and the Poisons Information number - 13 11 26

Scissors - for cutting out things matted in fur, or freeing your pet from entanglements

Sterile saline - for flushing out minor wounds

Tweezers - to remove splinters

Ear wash - you can speak to us about what one is best for your pet

Nail clippers - to trim torn nails.

Tape - 1" white medical tape

Gauze roll - used for bandaging, as an aid to stop bleeding

Vet Wrap - conforming bandage wrap that clings to itself

Gauze swabs

Bandage Scissors

Antiseptic wash or wipes




Towel or blanket

A spare leash
It is better to be safe than sorry….

So if you have any concerns about your pet, don’t hesitate to give us a call – 9384 2644.

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