Swanbourne Veterinary Centre as a Workplace

The Swanbourne Veterinary Centre has been in operation since 1939 which makes it one of the oldest practices still operating from its original site in Australia. We are supporters of anyone intending to make veterinary science their career and to that end offer weekend jobs to school, veterinary and nursing students, as well as participating when asked in school visits to the practice as well as attending class room discussions and career nights. We also provide work experience and participate in the Instep progam.

If you are looking for help in any of these areas please email us (tony@petpro.com.au), or ring us at the surgery and ask to speak to Kylie, Michelle or Tony.

There is no doubt that early participation in the culture of a veterinary hospital very much enhances your chances of obtaining a position in the nursing course or at university. We believe strongly in the concept of work experience because much has been written and said about veterinary science as a career and occasionally young people can get the wrong idea.

After 36 years in practice I have no regrets but to tell it truthfully it is not a glamorous occupation so look beyond the TV programs and the cute puppies and kittens. If we can help in making a decision that will mould the rest of your life then just ask.

We have, from time to time, job opportunities for qualified an unqualified people and these will be advertised in professional journals and the popular press. In most cases these adverts will refer you back to this web site for more detail and will appear in the "positions vacant" section.
These opportunities will generally be in the following areas:
1.  Qualified veterinary surgeons
2.  Qualified veterinary nurses
3.  Receptionists
4.  Groomers
5.  Administrative staff
6.  Kennel hands
7.  Weekend staff in kennels and dogwash
8.  Dog trainers
9.  Puppy school instructors

We are an equal opportunity work place and all staff are given the opportunity and encouraged to carry out regular continuing professional development as a life long learning process.
For further information please contact:

Dr Tony Vigano
Swanbourne Veterinary Centre
2 Devon Rd
WA 6010
or email tony@petpro.com.au

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Australian Work Regulations

Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses from foreign countries who are interested in working in Australia must check that they are able to work in this country and that their qualifications are recognized.

For visa and immigration information we recommend starting at the website of The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.

Further information can be obtained from the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council which is body that carries out the professional examinations for those graduates with degrees that are not recognized in this country.

Information about the process required in Western Australia can also be obtained from the Veterinary Surgeons Board of WA web site.

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Career Information

Qualifying as a veterinarian or veterinary nurse:

If you are interested in training as a veterinarian we suggest you start by looking at the web site of the Murdoch University Veterinary School.

For aspiring veterinary nurses, there is some good general information about a career in Veterinary Nursing on the Western Australian Government's getaccess web site and on the Government Job Guide web site. Swan Tafe provides a certificate course in Veterinary Nursing. The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia also contains a wealth of useful information regarding veterinary nursing.

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Positions Vacant

At this stage, there are no positions vacant.